Non O Visa Extension in Thailand: Everything You Need to Know 


For many expatriates in Thailand, the Non O Visa is their ticket to long-term stays in the Land of Smiles. Whether you’re here for marriage, retirement, or as a dependent, understanding the Non O Visa extension process is crucial for maintaining your legal status. Let’s dive into the details of Non O Visa extensions in Thailand. 

What is a Non O Visa Extension? 

A Non O Visa extension is the process of prolonging your stay under the Non O Visa category. This visa covers various purposes, including: 

  • Marriage to a Thai national 
  • Retirement 
  • Dependents of Thai citizens 
  • Volunteering or NGO work 

Initially, Non O Visas are typically valid for 90 days or one year, depending on where they’re issued. The Non O Visa extension allows you to remain in Thailand beyond this initial period. 

Why Seek a Non O Visa Extension? 

Obtaining a Non O Visa extension allows you to continue your stay in Thailand without the hassle of leaving the country and re-applying. It’s essential for those who: 

  • Are in a long-term relationship with a Thai spouse 
  • Have retired in Thailand 
  • Are raising children or caring for family members in Thailand 

The Non O Visa Extension Process 

To apply for a Non O Visa extension, you’ll need to visit your local Immigration office before your current visa expires. Non O Visa extensions are usually granted for one year at a time. 

Required Documents for Non O Visa Extension 

While requirements can vary based on your specific No O category, common documents for a Non O Visa extension include: 

  • Passport with current visa 
  • Completed TM.7 form 
  • Recent passport photos 
  • Proof of address (such as a lease or utility bill) 
  • Copies of all relevant documents 

For marriage-based Non O Visa extensions: 

  • Marriage certificate 
  • Spouse’s ID card and house registration 

For retirement Non O Visa extensions: 

  • Proof of funds (800,000 baht in a Thai bank or monthly income/pension of 65,000 baht) 
  • Bank letter confirming funds 

For dependent Non O Visa extensions: 

  • Proof of relationship to Thai citizen 
  • Thai relative’s ID card and house registration 

Fees and Processing Time for Non O Visa Extensions 

The government fee for most Non O Visa extensions is 1,900 baht. Processing typically takes a few days to a week, but this can vary depending on the office and time of year. 

Common Challenges in Non O Visa Extensions and Solutions 

1. Missing documents: Double-check the requirements and prepare a document checklist. 

2. Proof of funds for retiree Non O Visa extensions: Ensure your funds are in place well before applying. 

3. Marriage verification for spousal Non O Visa extensions: Be prepared for possible interviews or home visits. 

Additional Considerations for Non O Visa Extension Holders 

Remember, even with an extended Non O Visa, you must report your address to Immigration every 90 days. If you plan to travel internationally, obtain a re-entry permit before leaving Thailand to keep your Non O Visa extension valid. 

Tips for a Smooth Non O Visa Extension Process 

1. Start gathering documents at least a month before your visa expires. 

2. Use a reliable translator for any documents not in Thai or English. 

3. Consider using a reputable visa agency for complex Non O Visa extension cases or if you’re unfamiliar with the process. 

Recent Updates to Non O Visa Extensions 

As of 2023, most COVID-19 related visa measures have been phased out. However, always check the latest information from the Thai Immigration Bureau, as Non O Visa extension requirements can change. 


Obtaining a Non-O Visa extension is a crucial step in maintaining your long-term stay in Thailand. While the process may seem daunting, proper preparation can make it relatively straightforward. Stay informed about the latest Non-O Visa extension requirements, keep your documents in order, and enjoy your continued stay in the Kingdom of Thailand. 

Remember, while this guide provides a general overview of Non-O Visa extensions, individual cases may vary. When in doubt, consult with Thai Immigration officials or a reputable visa agency for personalized advice on your Non-O Visa extension.